Lost & Found

Name: Mike Maestas

Email Address: Dzignsbymike@aol.com

Phone: (720) 837-6448

Classifieds: Lost bag!!!

Message: My son forgot his football bag at Heritage Park last Saturday the 25th with his jersey and mouth guard in it. Please help!!


Submitted Date: 3/27/2018

Name: Cynthia Hernandez

Email Address: Cinthia_elivazquez@hotmail.com

Phone: (956) 554-8528

Classifieds: Lost female schnauzer

Message: Please my dog ran away yesterday night from home, I believe she is around the neighborhood she is a salt&pepper schnauzer


Name: Ron Weldon


Phone: (817) 343-0883

Classifieds: Lost Chihuahua

Message: Our white chihuahua got out of the fence the morning of 6-26-18 on Paddock Dr and is missing. His name is Ty and he has a brown spot on him. He is 15 years old and hard of hearing. Please let me know if anyone finds him. He is not wearing his tags as he pulled them off getting out of the fence.

Name: Destinee Floyd

Email Address: dess27@icloud.com

Phone: (469) 226-4014

Classifieds: lost brown chihuahua terrier mix

Message: My dog got out through the fence. Please help me find her, she’s a little brown chihuahua terrier mix kind of fiesty but responds well to peanut butter.